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Warrior-Scholar Project

Transition from the battlefield to the classroom with immersive academic boot camps designed to help student veterans succeed at college 

For many enlisted veterans, college is a critical next step in acclimating to civilian life and landing a fulfilling career after transitioning from military service. While this is an exciting new chapter, many find the adjustment to college to be a challenging experience, especially without the support and camaraderie they had while in the service. If you’re planning to earn your undergraduate degree after separating, or are already enrolled and feel like you could use some guidance, Warrior-Scholar Project is here to help! 


Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is a national nonprofit that empowers enlisted veterans and service members to excel at four-year universities through immersive one- to two-week academic boot camps at some of the nation’s top colleges and universities — including Yale, Harvard, Notre Dame, University of Southern California, and Texas A&M, among many others. The nonprofit also offers workshops tailored to address the unique needs of veterans enrolled in community college. Offered at no cost to veterans and enlisted active duty service members, the programs are designed to introduce veterans to college-level material and an academic environment while learning strategies to become better students. 


During a WSP academic boot camp, participants are taught by university faculty and graduate students at the host institution with support from highly-successful student veteran fellows who have completed the program. Students are introduced to analytic reading, writing, and other academic and everyday skills crucial to success in higher education. The curriculum also helps veterans adjust to life on campus and learn how to effectively engage in the classroom. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to learn about the many challenges student veterans experience during their transition to college, including the complex university application and admission process. 


The introductory academic experience has a lasting impact: Ninety-nine percent of 2020 WSP participants recommend WSP to fellow veterans, and 97 percent indicated that they are more confident they will succeed in college. 


"The opportunity at Yale University was life-changing as it provided me with a newfound confidence in my academic future. Learning various tools such as note-taking, essay writing, and breaking problems into steps helped ease my mind that the transition from Warrior to Scholar will now be a whole lot easier. Being at Yale and being surrounded by peers and fellows who currently attend prestigious universities also helped me realize that the same future isn’t impossible for me." — James Ines, WSP-Yale University alumnus


“After completing both weeks of WSP, I have so much more confidence and excitement as a student and freshman entering college out of the military. I would highly recommend this program for any military individual who is nervous, worried, or feels unprepared for college because this will give you confidence, resources, and a network of individuals just like you!” — Megan Byrd, WSP-Texas A&M alumna

Apply Today! 

Warrior-Scholar Project is now accepting applications for its summer 2021 academic boot camps. With partners at colleges nationwide, student veterans have the unique opportunity to learn from esteemed university faculty in humanities, STEM, and/or business curriculum focuses. Veterans looking to jumpstart their education can learn more about the program and apply at


Warrior-Scholar Project’s academic boot camps traditionally take place from May until August and are exclusively for current and former enlisted service members who are intent on pursuing higher education. Typically, student veterans enjoy the full college experience from staying in dorms to eating in the dining hall to studying in the historic libraries of the host institution. With the exception of travel (if applicable), these courses are offered at no cost to the student veteran participant. WSP intends to return to on-site programming for summer 2021. However, due to pandemic-related uncertainties, WSP is unable to guarantee that all programming will be offered on site. Additionally, WSP will offer a virtual programming component. In the event that on site programming is deemed unsafe, WSP will keep applicants informed if those programs are converted to the virtual platform. 


Warrior-Scholar Project has partnered with the following universities for 2021: 

  • Yale University — Humanities and STEM course, two-weeks 
  • Princeton University — Humanities and STEM course, two-weeks 
  • Georgetown University — Humanities course, one-week
  • Texas A&M — Humanities and STEM course, two-weeks 
  • University of Arizona — Humanities and STEM course, two-weeks 
  • University of Pennsylvania — Humanities course, one-week
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Humanities course, one-week
  • Harvard University — Humanities course, one-week
  • University of Notre Dame — Humanities and business course, two-weeks 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology — STEM course, one-week
  • Syracuse University — Humanities course, one-week
  • Cornell University — Humanities course, one-week
  • University of Michigan — Humanities course, one-week
  • California Institute of Technology — STEM course, one-week 
  • University of Southern California — Humanities and Business course, two-weeks 
  • Columbia University — Humanities and STEM course, two-weeks 
  • Williams College — Humanities course, one-week 
  • Amherst College — Humanities course, one-week 
  • University of Chicago — Humanities course, one-week 
  • University of California, Irvine — Humanities course, one-week 
  • Pomona College — Humanities course, one-week 

For more information and to apply, visit